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Art Publications

Richeson 75 International Competition
Pat’s work has been selected in the Richeson 75 International Competition and published in the show’s Still Life and Floral 2021 and 2023 Books.

International Artist Magazine
Pat’s painting “Wall of Flowers” was selected as a finalist in the “Florals and Gardens” challenge sponsored by International Artist magazine and published in their October/November 2021 issue.


  • An Intentional Still Life (Read article)
  • “On the Easel- A Timely Painting of a Poinsettia” Dec 2023 (Read article)


  • 5 Tips for Simplifying Flowers" (Read article)
  • A Quick Guide to Transparency and Opacity Realism Today (June 2023) (Read article)
  • How to Avoid Muddy Color Mixing in Oil Paints  Realism Today (November 2022) (Read article)


  • Recharge Your Creative Batteries Inside Art (August 2022) (Read article).


Founded by CEO Arianna Huffington, the mission of Thrive Global is to end the stress and burnout epidemic. Pat is a Contributing Author.

  • 10 Lessons from the Garden. What connecting with nature can teach us about living a more peaceful life. (June 2020) (Read article).
  • What have you done with your time off during the coronavirus crisis? Why “Nothing” is a perfectly acceptable answer. (April 2020) (Read article)
  • Feel like you’re always running on empty? 25 ways to include simple “Beauty Breaks” in your day to energize your life. (March 2020) (Read article)
  • How to stay positive during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 21 simple “Beauty Breaks” that can help you stay more grounded and less stressed right now. (March 2020) (Read article)
  • The Instant Remedy to Finding Your Way Back from Overwhelm. And Burnout How a daily dose of beauty can be your antidote to stress. Thrive Global, Jan. 2020 (Read article)
  • Why your phone isn’t the only thing you need to recharge every day. The benefits of this one unexpected energizer. And it doesn’t require a cord. Thrive Global, Feb. 2020 (Read article)
  • From Burnout to Beauty. How leaving my job as a Corporate Vice President to become an Artist has elevated my life. Thrive Global, Feb 2020 (Read article)
  • Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life, Back 9 Atlanta magazine , Winter 2020 (Read article)



  • Divine Insights, with Biviana Franco, Founder of Feel Beautiful Today 2021 Listen here:
  • Ignite your Story and Trail Blaze a New Style of Leadership hosted by Dr Gladys Ato, Feb. 2020


Speaking Engagements

  • “Flowers as Muse, The History of Flowers in Art”,  Indian Creek Garden Club 2019, Sandy Springs Garden Club, 2020,  North Buckhead Home & Garden Club 2021, Pine Tree Garden Club, 2023,  Bellmere Garden Club 2023, Dunwoody Woman’s Club, 2023 Peachtree Battle Garden Club 2023
  • Realism Live Conference 2023 Faculty Use promo code FIORELLO for savings

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My Message

As an artist, my role is to create and share beauty. But beyond that it is important to be an advocate for the important role Beauty can play in our lives. Beauty can restore our souls and elevate our lives. Beauty is what healed me, enriched my life and actually enabled me to move my life in a more satisfying and purposeful direction. This lesson has been one I personally learned on my journey of life and I want to share that to inspire, educate and contribute to others who might need to hear that message. In this technology driven world, where humans are responding to bells, ring tones and other alerts on all sort of electronic devices, overwhelmed by endless To Do lists and jobs that are demanding faster and greater results, we need art and beauty more than ever. The daily grind of life can leave us distracted, disconnected and exhausted. Art is an access to beauty and beauty is the antidote that lifts us up above the everyday fray of life.

This year I've committed to a social media campaign, #Beauty365, where every day I share uplifting images and inspiration about the need to make space and time for beauty in our lives. I believe it's an important message that can make a difference in the quality of our lives. You can follow along and share your thoughts at and Instagram@patfiorello.

Media Bio

Pat Fiorello is an award-winning fine artist, instructor and author. Her work has been featured in over 20 one-woman shows and included in over 75 juried exhibitions. After attending the Harvard Business School and serving as Vice President of Marketing of Coca-Cola, she made a radical leap out of the corporate space in 2002 to dedicate her life to creating art. Pat creates paintings that bring beauty to people’s lives so they can feel energized and lifted above the demands of everyday life. She also teaches art in the U.S. and internationally.

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