Classic Beauty, Alive with Color, Paint & Passion!

Enjoy a powerful, energizing and uplifting start to your day inspired by beauty, quiet reflection and a positive affirmation.

Each card has a different image of one of Pat’s beautiful floral oil paintings on the front and suggests an inspiring way of being, thoughts to reflect on and an affirmation to create your day on the back.

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The cards come packaged in an elegant organza bag. Perfect for gift giving.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Why I created the Inspired Beauty Card Deck …

As an artist, it’s been my mission to spread beauty, love and inspiration with the world. I’ve been doing that for many years with my paintings, teaching classes, leading international painting workshops, my book, newsletter and even social media. This is just another way to touch people’s lives daily. I want to provide a bit of beauty and inspiration to elevate your day.

Here’s one way to use these cards:

Start each morning by picking a card to create your day. Take a few moments to become still, appreciating the beauty of the artwork and reflecting on the words and daily affirmation.
You may want to display your card visibly to remind you of what you are creating throughout the day.

Your life is your masterpiece to create. It happens one day at a time.
Who you chose “To Be” gives you your actions and that leads to your outcomes in life.

What are you creating today?

Each card deck is $25 including Free U.S. shipping and a small display easel to keep your daily intentions visible. Each deck includes 48 different paintings and accompanying words of inspiration. The cards measure slightly larger than 4” x 5”. Makes a great gift item!


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