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Would you like a painting of your home or garden?

Gift Ideas

You can commission a painting of a special place that would be bring back fond memories and be a one of a kind gift that would really be personal and meaningful. To give you some "food for thought", these are just a few examples of special commissioned paintings that Pat created this past year that were given as gifts: a favorite vacation or honeymoon spot, a special church, scenes of where a couple met and got engaged, a family vacation home, the garden created by a couple who love gardening, beach scene for a beach lover. As long as we can secure a photo to work with as a starting point, anything is possible. If you can imagine a place that is special to your spouse, family member or friend, Pat can create a painting that will keep that memory alive day after day.

Home Portrait

Home Portrait

Below: A special commission where I created paintings of the 4 homes a couple has lived in for the 40 years of their married life together. Art makes memories visible and present in your home each day.

Home Portrait


Contact Pat Fiorello at (404) 531-4160 or at to ask about commissioning a painting. Pat has worked with many clients to create custom paintings to meet their specific needs including subject matter, colors and size.


To get started on a commission contact Pat at
To see more information specifically on bridal bouquet commissions, click on: Forever Bouquet Paintings


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