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Would you like a painting of your home or garden?

Gift Ideas

You can commission a painting of a special place that would be bring back fond memories and be a one of a kind gift that would really be personal and meaningful. To give you some "food for thought", these are just a few examples of special commissioned paintings that Pat created this past year that were given as gifts: a favorite vacation or honeymoon spot, a special church, scenes of where a couple met and got engaged, a family vacation home, the garden created by a couple who love gardening, beach scene for a beach lover. As long as we can secure a photo to work with as a starting point, anything is possible. If you can imagine a place that is special to your spouse, family member or friend, Pat can create a painting that will keep that memory alive day after day.

Home Portrait


Contact Pat Fiorello at (404) 531-4160 or at to ask about commissioning a painting. Pat has worked with many clients to create custom paintings to meet their specific needs including subject matter, colors and size.


To get started on a commission contact Pat at
To see more information specifically on bridal bouquet commissions, click on: Forever Bouquet Paintings


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